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Quick Facts

The 2018 population estimate for Ages CDP is 457, a change of 41.05% when compared to 2014. With an area of 0.57 square miles, this works out to a population density of 803.27 persons/mi2.
The number of households in 2018 were estimated to be 152, with an average household size of 3.01.
Ages CDP's 2018 unemployment rate was 26.56%.
The average household income in Ages CDP for 2018 was $24,651, while the median was $25,635.

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0 estimated births

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Median mortgage payment for 2018: $735

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Median rent for 2018: $0

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Ages CDP Population Data

Period Geography Population
2014 Ages CDP, Kentucky 324
2015 Ages CDP, Kentucky 289
2016 Ages CDP, Kentucky 389
2017 Ages CDP, Kentucky 439
2018 Ages CDP, Kentucky 457