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Comparing Cities and States

Using the free GeoExplorer tool allows you to zoom and pan an interactive map to compare popular demographic features of cities, states, counties and metro areas. Click on any of the features to open a new page with more details (see: charts and tables) about the selected item.

What is this data good for?

This data is useful for all types of applications. Historical uses have included scholarly reports, market analysis studies, site selection, where to move/live research, news, case studies and dozens of other specific uses.

Where does this data come from?

Most of this data comes from the Census American Community Surveys, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, US Department of Transportation and other authoritative sources.

Do you offer more granular data or custom reports?

Yes. Use the contact button in the upper right corner to learn about zip code/street level granularity or to inquire about specific solutions for your use case.