Richmond-Berea, KY Micro Area Information & Statistics

Quick Facts

The 2018 population estimate for Richmond-Berea is 106,527, a change of 3.98% when compared to 2014. With an area of 753.90 square miles, this works out to a population density of 141.30 persons/mi2.
The number of households in 2018 were estimated to be 39,754, with an average household size of 2.51.
Richmond-Berea's 2018 unemployment rate was 6.79%.
The average household income in Richmond-Berea for 2018 was $61,556, while the median was $46,726.

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Richmond-Berea Fertility Rate

1,385 estimated births

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Richmond-Berea Housing Values

Median mortgage payment for 2018: $1,149

Richmond-Berea Average Rent as Percentage of Gross Income

Median rent for 2018: $688

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Richmond-Berea Population Data

Period Geography Population
2014 Richmond-Berea, KY Micro Area 102,450
2015 Richmond-Berea, KY Micro Area 102,780
2016 Richmond-Berea, KY Micro Area 104,217
2017 Richmond-Berea, KY Micro Area 105,191
2018 Richmond-Berea, KY Micro Area 106,527